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San Francisco Burn Injury Attorneys

The Walkup Law Firm personal injury lawyers have handled cases involving a wide range of burn injuries. Because of our extensive experience, we understand the causes of burn injuries as well as the medical issues involved-including psychological damage.

Most important, Walkup Law Firm attorneys understand the legal rights of our clients. As experienced fire accident trial lawyers, we protect the rights of burn victims and fight for fair and just compensation.

Severe burns can change a life in moments. Whatever caused your burn injury accident, we want to hear your story so that we can begin the process of building a case for the compensation your burn injuries require.

  • Auto Fires: Punctured fuel tanks, fuel-fed fires, inadequate shielding, electrical malfunctions
  • Building Fires: Inadequate or non-existent alarm systems, fire code violations
  • Explosions: Industrial site explosions, propane tanks, flammable liquids, inadequate safety standards and practices
  • Defective Products: Poorly designed gas tanks, faulty appliance wiring, inadequate protective shielding
  • Flammable Liquids: Unsafe handling or storage of chemicals or gasoline
  • Flammable Clothing: Contributing factors in fire injuries
  • Smoke Inhalation: Damage to lungs caused by extreme heat, chemicals.
  • Propane: Defective propane tanks, improper reconnects after filling tanks
  • Chemical Burns: Hazardous chemicals in the workplace, dangerous chemicals in home cleaning products
  • Electrocution: Bucket truck accidents, underground cable cuts, faulty wiring

When you or a family member has suffered burn injuries, who will cover the costs of extensive medical treatments and necessary surgeries? Our burn injury lawyers have the experience to investigate the case, determine the liable parties, and file a lawsuit for damages.

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